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On-Screen Authority helps business owners & sales professionals build user-friendly video production studios in record time:

  • Build a professional home studio in 1-3 days, with minimal gear.
  • Record videos for content, ads & webinars. Use the same setup for Zoom calls & Livestreams.
  • Support Group: Unlimited access to share and get feedback. 1-on-1 live video support is also available for an hourly rate.
  • Affiliate Program: Recommend OSA to your network and receive a commission for each recruit!
  • HAVE A BUDGET FOR GEAR: Use a proper camera or just an iPhone. Equipment costs are for you to decide. Estimated range $300-3500.Various options for lower budgets are available in the program. Buy new or used.
  • Full refunds allowed within 30 days if you are unable to achieve any results after applying the course material and asking for help.
  • Over 10 hours of course material, far beyond the 3 days you need to get started.
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